I wanted to express a sincere thank you for all the help your services have provided to me personally, as well as our office.  We are so grateful that Heather has been available (even at a moment’s notice) to pick up catered lunches for our staff, personal lunches, etc.  She also goes to Sprouts every Monday to bring fresh fruit to our office, as well as ice.  She also drops off and picks up dry cleaning among many other items.

These services have saved me an immeasurable amount of time and provides me more time to focus on my daily tasks and allows me to take care of my personal tasks with no stress. Heather handles all of our returns to stores as well as picks up orders I’ve placed.  This was especially helpful during the holidays.  Not only did I have to shop for my family of five, but also for our staff of 42.

I cannot stress enough the importance and value having a concierge in our building.


Shelley M. Crawford

​, Irvine CA​