Here’s 50 innovative ways you can use Consider It Done! personal assistance  & concierge services right now!

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1.  Obtain tickets to concerts, movies, and sporting events

2.  Organize your home office and messy desk

3.  Plan travel and vacations

4.  Write out and send thank you cards/ holiday cards

5.  Make restaurant recommendations and reservations

6.  Take your fur babies to the vet/ groomer

7.  Arrange office parties/events

8.  Perform personalized gift shopping & delivery

9.  Run to the post office, bank, shoe repair, jewelry repair

10. Pick up and deliver dry cleaning

11. Do your grocery shopping

12. Cut up fresh fruits & veggies for the fridge

13. Provide senior companionship for your loved one

14. Provide house/pet sitting while you’re out of town

15. Pick up a last minute gift

16. Tidy up your home, fold laundry, organize the kitchen pantry

17. Conduct a complete home inventory for insurance purposes

18. Pay bills online or by snail mail

19. Take your car in for routine maintenance, oil change, car wash or car detailing

20. Organize your craft closet, garage, linen closet or toy room

21. Find the best house cleaning service/gardener/plumber/window washer for you

22. Provide courier/delivery services

23. Organize your junk drawer, jewelry or makeup

24. Deliver a meal/refreshments (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) to your family, workplace or to an elderly parent

25. Pick up and deliver prescriptions

26. Arrange for repair/service calls, then supervise the contractors

27. Return unwanted store items

28. Provide new mommy services

29. Plan meetings, events, and private parties

30. Take great care of your out of town guests

31. Be a single parent helper

32. Provide employee relocation services

33. Hand deliver gift baskets & gift certificates

34. Arrange for landscaping services

35. Remind you of special days

36. Charter a private jet, yacht, or helicopter

37. Assist you at your event, wedding, or conference

38. Manage that pile of junk mail you’ve been avoiding

39. Book day spa services

40. Find and schedule a fashion/stylist consultant for you

41. Organize that messy office supply cabinet at work

42. Arrange fun kids’ parties, prepare goody bags

43. Find an expert to help you with estate planning

44. Gift wrapping

45. Book multiple appointments for you

46. Flowers/ balloon pickup and delivery

47. Book catering services for your next event

48. Plan and arrange a surprise getaway weekend for your sweetheart

49. Provide office help, data entry, phone calls, filing

50. Assist with your move—we’ll carefully pack up and then unpack & professionally organize the entire house!


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