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Luxury Concierge Service, Free Marketing, Set Your Practice Apart!

You’re an expert in your field. Now, in the​ competitive ​Southern California marketplace, you can differentiate your practice, provide practical after care patient resources and make every patient feel even more amazing in the process

Consider It Done! Concierge Patient Services will definitely set your practice apart

Why? Because your patients need to know how much you care. Aftercare        assistance a​nd resources may not be readily available to them. That’s where we come in……

After surgery, patients are in pain, they don’t feel well and they don’t want people to see them. If they’re single, or​ home without a support system…it can be scary. They may not have someone to check on their well being – much less run out for a prescription or shop for ​groceries.

Whether it’s elective surgery or cancer, or something else

Consider It Done! Concierge & Errand Service ​can help you to:
​~​Differentiate your practice
​~​Build loyalty beyond a typical patient/doctor relationship
​~​Extend the opportunity for personal, caring and thoughtful post-surgery assistance
​Providing service beyond what is expected ultimately results in:
​Unswerving patient loyalty​, more referrals and higher revenues

​Consider It Done!  Concierge ​service ​provides help when it is needed most – during recovery. Our care and professionalism is an extension of your brand. We support your company in its care and we help your practice to stand out over the competition.

As an exclusive luxury concierge service, you and your clients can receive: 


​~​Preferred rates and services
​~​Customized reward programs for your office or employee errands

​~​Private label and customized marketing materials available

This service can be started at no cost to you. ​Please c​ontact us today to learn more: 

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