How Our Service Plans Work:


As Consider It Done! continues to grow our goal is to take the very best care of our clients each month and with each task so we can continue to positively affect their lives. Even a few hours of personal assistance every month can make a real difference in your too busy life.

Consider It Done! offers 3 customized service plans designed for our clients. If you’re not sure which service plan is ideal for you please give us a call at (562) 883-2600 and we will help you identify the best way you can utilize our life changing service.

(Of course you can still get our hours at à la carte pricing, see below)

 ***BASICALLY BUSY*** 5 hours of service per month: Our Basically Busy package will help you become acquainted with our awesome services. Just a few hours of assistance each month having some everyday tasks managed will make a real difference in your busy life!

*** (6 month commitment, 15% onetime setup fee)***


***GETTING BUSY*** 10 hours of service per month: This package is perfect for the busy executive, entrepreneur , power couple or family who values their precious free time and understands the importance of delegating time draining tasks. 

***(6 month commitment, 15% onetime setup fee)***

 ***TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS***  20 hours of service per month: This package is for our chronically busy, on the go clients who are interested in maintaining work-life balance and need our full support in managing their jam packed lifestyle. This package offers our very best value in pricing and comes with exclusive member perks. 

***(6 month commitment, 12% onetime setup fee)***

***REFERRAL REWARDS*** For each new client that is referred by you who becomes a regular client of Consider It Done! you will earn 2 free hours of service for yourself!  So please, be sure to let us know if you can think of any overwhelmed friends, coworkers, neighbors or family members anywhere in The Triangle who will benefit from our assistance in organizing their time, lives & belongings.

*** All of our packages come with seamless monthly billing and confidential client logs***  

Still unsure which package you might need? Don’t worry, we’ll help you decide what works best for you. Just call Sherri @ 562-883-2600


Need one time, occasional help?

We also offer à la carte pricing for personal assistance services (2 hour minimum) and we offer à la carte pricing for professional organizing services (3 hour minimum)

***GIFT CERTIFICATES*** Give someone you love the gift of more time! Consider It Done! Gift Certificates are available in all denominations & make the perfect present for busy family members, neighbors, friends, corporate clients or coworkers! 

Consider It Done!

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