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Sherri and the team at Consider It Done! are true professionals and give what you can’t buy…time! I had never even heard of personal concierge services before I met Sherri a couple of years ago but living with a household with 3 teenagers, 2 full time careers, and nonstop activities I can’t imagine life without the help! And the cool thing is that you can buy a package of time and get help when you need it. Its not all the time, but when you have to run to a soccer game, softball practice, school play rehearsal, 2 appointments, and you have family coming for dinner, its really helpful to have someone who can run to the store, put the groceries away, start cooking dinner, and get some dishes done before you get home. Next time you feel overwhelmed with your crazy schedule, give Sherri and Consider it Done! a call!

Your sanity will thank you. -

Domenic B. (Chapel Hill)

Sherri Durbin is a master at finding the right person to help you with your needs. Her flexibility is so helpful since she doesn’t require the same day, time, and hours to be used each week. I need someone a couple of times a month and it works for me to have that adaptability. The assistant she sent over chops my veggies for me and prepares the food. All I have to do is put it in the oven or open it up and it’s ready to eat! She does laundry and last time helped me with massive cord control in setting up my office. Consider it Done! Well, the name says it all!”

Marcey R. (Raleigh)

Aaron Lane, Chicago

Sherri is dependable, punctual, thorough, and fantastic!! She is given a task or set of problems and needs very little guidance or input in getting them completed. She checks to make sure every detail is covered, and then takes the initiative to make sure her staff completes the tasks from start to finish. She takes the initiative from bidding, references, meeting contractors and being onsite while the work is completed. If there are any problems with the job she fixes the problem without you having to be involved. From movers, to estate sales and bids, finding house cleaners, running my errands, grout/tile projects, repairs….. they do it all. Sherri has worked with my entire family and we all find her very to be friendly, thorough, understanding, and easy to work with. She is VERY TRUSTWORTHY. Leave her checks, leave her your keys, she won’t let you down. Hard to find a Sherri in today’s world!

Kirk N. -Wake Forest)

Olivia Williams, Seattle

How awesome is this? Sherri Durbin and the staff of Consider It Done! took care of providing my family this weekend (on very short notice!) with a nutritious and a delicious meal. They did all of the grocery shopping and started the food cooking so all I had to do was set the table and enjoy the extra time with my family. 

What a time saver and gift to be able to spend precious time with my family.

I highly recommend Consider It Done! errand service and I will continue to use them when the holidays come.

If you are anywhere in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area and you want your to do list and headaches to disappear check them out. Call Sherri @ 919-697-8874 or e-mail ConsiderItDoneASAP@gmail.com. She even comes to your house and gives you a 20 minute no obligation consultation for free!

Check this service out. You’ll be glad you did!

Let her take a “headache chore” out of your day or business.

Hmmm, get your kids’ school supplies bought, groceries bought and put away and then have a meal in the oven ready for dinner. Aaaahhhhh

Pam G. -Durham

Aaron Lane, Chicago

Almost five years after my husband and I moved to NC from DC to “simplify” our lives, the heavy weight of fully unpacking boxes, purging the old and organizing the new hung over our heads – that’s until we were introduced to Sherri & Jennifer at Consider It Done!
Working with Consider It Done! gave us back some of our precious free time. Jennifer created order out of chaos in our finished attic, we are no longer distracted by the to-do’s while we work from home, and we can finally begin to visualize what we can do with that additional space. We’ve also stopped buying redundant items once we trusted that we could locate the ones we’d already purchased. Most importantly, she is judgment free and a self-starter, which was super helpful as both my husband and I are glued to our desks throughout the day. I would recommend Consider It Done! without hesitation. 

Jessica C. -(Raleigh)

Olivia Williams, Seattle

They did a great job cat sitting. Professional and dependable. Will hire again.

Matthew S. -Durham)

Ruth Alexander, New York

Consider It Done! did a great job helping me organize quite a few things in my house!

Kirsten D. -Durham)

Patrick Berry, Arizona

Sherri is professional, committed, and detail oriented. She has years of experience in the industry and that translates to her work ethic. If you provide them a To Do List with all the necessary details, her team will tackle the tasks with gusto. Sherri keeps detailed track of the work and is fair and honest with her rates and time keeping. Sherri takes pride in the work her company does and hopes you do as well.

Garret G. (Durham)

Consider It Done helped me with a party recently and I was very pleased with the service. They were on time, professional, courteous, and followed our instructions. Even when I had a last minute change of plans and needed an additional errand to be run they were completely accommodating and fulfilled the request exactly like I asked. I will definitely use Consider It Done again in the future.

Laura C. (Raleigh)

We have used Consider It Done! regularly for over a year and I have found them to be professional, courteous, and reasonably priced. I’ve been very happy with their responsiveness as well as their ability to be flexible with whatever our family’s changing needs are. I am happy to recommend that you try them!

Mick D. (Wake Forest)

I wanted to express a sincere thank you for all the help your services have provided to me personally, as well as our office.  We are so grateful that Heather has been available (even at a moment’s notice) to pick up catered lunches for our staff, personal lunches, etc.  She also goes to Sprouts every Monday to bring fresh fruit to our office, as well as ice.  She also drops off and picks up dry cleaning among many other items.These services have saved me an immeasurable amount of time and provides me more time to focus on my daily tasks and allows me to take care of my personal tasks with no stress. Heather handles all of our returns to stores as well as picks up orders I’ve placed.  This was especially helpful during the holidays.  Not only did I have to shop for my family of five, but also for our staff of 42. I cannot stress enough the importance and value having a concierge in our building.​

Shelly Crawford (Irvine, CA)

Roger Martin, Texas

I own a busy law firm, and I’ve repeatedly relied on Consider it Done when I needed things done quickly and efficiently. On one occasion we were moving our offices and they were so instrumental in handling things for us. They are trustworthy, competent, detail oriented and provide great customer service. I recommend them in a crunch, or to regularly outsource services.

Jonathan R. (Los Angeles, CA)

Sherri and her team were so helpful and very professional. They helped me with meals, laundry, and simple tidying after I had surgery. They offered to do more! They also ran errands and we’re wonderful and friendly. Can’t say enough good things!

Allison Schmitt (Chapel Hill)

Roger Martin, Texas

Sherri at Consider it Done is fabulous. She communicates clearly and effectively, she arrives ready to get to work and she’s simply a pleasure to work with. We hired her to help after a local move and she had our kitchen unpacked in less than 3 hours. She worked with me to purge things we no longer needed and kept me on task despite my being overwhelmed and exhausted! She is skilled at getting things done! I highly recommend her services.

Jenny M. (Apex)

I am a small business owner who found herself needing help with some essential tasks. Those tasks were handled for me by Consider It Done! The service was professional, prompt, efficient, and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend their services to others.

Christine P. (Durham)

Sherri Durbin is amazing! She helped me organize my jewelry, closets, and cosmetics. Now getting ready in the morning is a breeze. It makes such a difference! I never could’ve done it without her! Sherri is extremely professional, trustworthy, understanding and creative. I would highly recommend her for anything that you need help with. She can do it all!

Diane D. (Raleigh)

I used this service a few days ago and it was wonderful! The personal assistant Susan was prompt, professional and so kind.

There were many things on my to-do list that I’d been putting off, so having her here to help was just what I needed. She got everything done and then some. Susan was quick, but thorough and accurate! Loved everything about this service!

Launa M. (Durham)

Consider It Done! has been assisting my family of 5 for the last several months since I went back to work full time. They have helped us with grocery shopping, errands (UPS store, returns, prescription pick-up, dry cleaning drop off and p/u, etc…), dinner prep, and transport. This has been a game changer in the life of a busy 2 parent working family. We actually have a weekend day that is truly off that we can dedicate to each other, the kids, or relaxing, and not to catching up on errands. I have found Consider It Done! to be excellent at communicating, asking questions about the weekly schedule, and foreseeing potential needs and/or conflicts. For example, if they are running one errand, and know I might need something that is at a nearby store, they will often ask, “Do you need anything from here, etc?” I appreciate this ability to think prospectively about their clients needs immensely as this is something that can’t be found or taught easily. They have been very trustworthy and reliable. I highly recommend them for any busy professional or family wanting some things taken off their plate.

Dr. Hawkins - Durham, NC

Sherri assisted our family just after the birth of our daughter. She was professional and easy to work with. Thank you for helping us! It was much appreciated. I will be using your services again and have referred friends to you!

Elizabeth L. (Raleigh)

We will take that headache chore away!

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