Are you tired of having no time for family, fun or self care? We’ve come up with 5 pretty easy ways that you can lower your stress levels.

1. Put all of your bills on autopay. Set it and forget it.

2. Say no to those elective things you’re just not excited about. The PTA dance committee can do-si-do it without you this year. If you’re trying to be all things to all people, you’re probably not your best with the people who matter most, your loved ones. Your time is valuable.

3. Delegate the little things that eat up precious time (because leaving them undone will pile up and bury you).

Can your mom take the kids to the dentist?Can you hire a neighbor’s kid to rake the leaves?

Can you use a trusted local personal concierge service to come in weekly for a few hours to

  • Organize the toy room, closets & pantry,
  • Wash, dry, fold and put away ALL of the laundry, 
  • Pick up dry cleaning, shoe repair & prescriptions,
  • Sort & file paperwork,
  • Take the dog to the groomer,
  • Change the bed linens,
  • Tidy the whole house,
  • Schedule & supervise those contractors you can never get a hold of,
  • Take your car in to get washed/ serviced,
  • Write and mail those thank-you notes,
  • Unpack the boxes from your move 6 months ago,
  • Drop off donations,
  • Buy and wrap that last minute forgotten gift & pick up the cake for the party,
  • Sort and file that pile of paperwork on the counter,
  • Start dinner, pack lunches/wash, chop and containerize the fruits & veggies so you always have healthy snacks handy,

Etc. etc. etc.If you are anywhere in the greater Raleigh area Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service excels at customizing our service to what YOUR family specifically needs. We’d love to help UNBURDEN you.

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4. Set up an automatic email response.

Everyone’s emailing you to do a million and one things. Manage their expectations. Set your auto responder email to read: “Thank you for getting in touch. I’m working on a deadline/ traveling/ working on a project and will only be checking email sporadically. If your message is urgent, please resend with URGENT in the subject line. Otherwise, I’ll respond as soon as possible.”

5. Do something tiny. It’s a start.

In his New York Times article “Micro-Progress and the Magic of Just Getting Started,” writer Tim Herrera explains: “Studies have shown that you can trick your brain into increasing dopamine levels by setting and achieving micro goals.”Got a presentation to whip up? Name and save a Word doc.Stressed about creating a will? Send a two-line email to your lawyer requesting an appointment.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Our team will support you as you take a breath and UN-busy your life.

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