We offer laundry service! Wash, fold and put away!

Ah, laundry. Those endless piles. Those baskets sitting in the corner just taunting you. The sheer magnitude of it. So admit it, did you purchase your treadmill based on how much laundry you can hang on it?

Have you ever gone out and bought new underwear because you couldn’t bring yourself to do laundry? Have you been washing the same load of laundry for two days because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer? So many of us have been in that predicament…

Believe me, you are not alone!

  • Do you change clothes three times a day because the weather is always changing in NC?
  • Does your laundry pile always looks like Mount Everest?
  • Are you working all day and then you come home and have to get your kids to practice 4 days a week and your weekends are just about errands and laundry…..

Forget traveling the world, running a marathon or inventing a cure for cancer, is your goal in life just to put away the laundry on the same day that you washed it?
And what about that forgotten load that sits in the dryer and needs “just one more cycle with a wet washrag” because….the wrinkles.  Along with dealing with paperwork, laundry seems to be the BANE of everyone’s existence these days. But WHY is that?We see those beautiful laundry rooms made over on HGTV. They even have….gasp…..a folding counter! We WANT that perfect laundry room, those perfect color coordinated velvet flocked hangers, that special detergent that will make our clothing smell heavenly, those neatly folded garments in beautiful containers in our kids’ bedrooms…….because if we can just get a handle on that laundry monster, then our lives will be perfectly aligned, right?

What is the root cause of the problem? Is it a lack of time? Is it the sheer neverending-ness of it? 100 years ago people did laundry by hand, one day a week, and it took that whole day to scrub, rinse, hang to dry and iron. It was hard work! Yet even with all that hard work, they succeeded in getting it all done in one day.  Hmmmmm, why is that? Why hasn’t modern technology made it easier for us? Could it be that they owned far less clothing than we do? They mended, they sewed, they took proper care of their clothing.  Maybe they appreciated what they had. We live in a world that screams at us to acquire MORE, MORE, MORE clothing! You must have choices! Buy this, buy that, it’s on sale! And we keep thinking that if we can just get our closets to look Marie Kondo-ized and color coordinated life will be perfect. Our closets….okay, that’s another subject for another day. I have certainly been a victim of buying too many clothes.
Doesn’t everyone need 6 pairs of black pants (They’re all slightly different, so it’s okay, right?) When I was packing up my home in California to move out here I thought to myself, “How on Earth did I end up with this many clothes?”  I was saving them because ……?

So why can’t we keep on top of our laundry? Must we do laundry every single day to stay on top of things?
Could it be that when (not if) our children throw clean, unworn clothing on the floor we just scoop it up along with all the garments on “the chair” that aren’t quite dirty and not quite clean and we wash and dry them yet AGAIN. When we look at a basket and see clean clothes mixed in with dirty we wash and dry all of it yet AGAIN. We try on a forgotten dress from the back of the closet on a frantic weekday morning, decide not to wear it, drop it to the floor instead of hanging it up, and we wash and dry it yet AGAIN. We wear a pair of jeans once and rather than folding them and putting them away we wash and dry them yet AGAIN. Then we wonder why our clothing wears out and we have to go out and buy more. (That huge glob of dryer lint is the fabric of our clothing, my friends!)

So what is the answer? Yes,Consider It Done! is more than happy to manage your laundry piles. In fact, some of our clients have us handle all of their laundry, but might mindfulness also be a key factor to consider? Do we really need to buy 24 shirts for our toddler at the thrift store because they were only 50 cents each? Do we really need to keep every size 4X tee shirt from every charity event we’ve ever been to because it was for a good cause and “it will make a good night shirt”? Can we teach our children how to properly fold and put away their laundry? (They’ll never do it as perfectly as you do, but it’ll get done!)

What are your thoughts on laundry?

What works for your family? I’d love your comments below on how your family has tamed the laundry monster. (Or have you?)

Hugs, Sherri

P.S. Never fear! If you still detest doing laundry (or don’t have the time for) grocery shopping, getting the car oil changed, taking the dog to the groomer, doing a Costco run, organizing your pantry or dropping off & picking up prescriptions & dry cleaning, Consider It Done! is likely the solution you’re seeking. We have service plans to fit all budgets, we assist our clients in all areas of The Triangle, and our consultations are always free of charge. Let’s chat! 919-697-8874 We can rescue you!

Let’s set up a laundry service for you.

Our laundry service will wash, fold and put away your clothes while you are working.  Dry clean only clothes? We can take care of that too! Sounds blissful? Purchase a package or contact us!